Let's Be the Hands and Feet of Jesus

We believe in Gathering, Growing and Going together. We encourage you to read about each of these steps in our walk and learn how you too, can make a difference in your life, your families life and the life of your community.


There is nothing more satisfying or fulfilling than to realize that you are loved and to discover that your life has meaning and purpose. We all long for relationships with others who will share in this life journey. At Sandy Springs Community Church, we value connecting to the heart of God in the context of real and lasting friendships. We need God, and we need each other to encourage our growth and to inspire us to reach our fullest potential. Being connected at SSCC means being related to a spiritual family that genuinely cares for you and champions your growth in God…no matter your age, background, or family status. Connect to the heart of God at SSCC and to real people who are getting to know Him better just like you!


We all want to experience really great relationships. If we desire to grow in relationships with others, we must put others first in our lives. Life can be defined as loving and investing in friends and family every day. As we learn to put others first, we must embrace the truth that we are personally accepted, secure and significant. We want you to know that God not only loves you, but He has accepted you in Christ and has a plan for your life.

God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son… and He, Jesus, loved me and gave Himself for me. This act of loving and giving not only models true Life, but it also imparts Life to those who are willing to receive Him. By receiving Jesus, you are accepted, secure and significant. Giving oneself for others enables us to experience growing relationships with each other and with God.


Everyone wants their life to count for something. We all want to make a difference in our families, schools, communities, and ultimately the world we live in. At SS CC we believe that every person can make an impact on their community. We have recognized the needs of others in two main areas. We hope to make an impact on the lives of the children in our community through after-school tutoring. We also provide weekly opportunities to help families in need in our community.

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