COMMUNITY  (Acts 2:42-47; John 17:20-23)

We believe that the Church should be a place where people are the priority.  We seek to create an environment where people can love and be loved, serve and be served, celebrate and be celebrated — a place where people can discover all that it means to be a Christian. We also seek to create an atmosphere where people are challenged to take steps closer to God on a weekly basis and are equipped as ministers of Christ.  At Sandy Springs Community Church, we do this through small group gatherings that meet throughout the week called LifeGroups and through weekly gatherings where we come to worship, study the Bible, pray, fellowship and break bread together.

UNITY (John 17:20-23)

We believe that the body of Christ is to be unified in Christ. At Sandy Springs Community Church, we choose to pray for and work with our brothers and sisters in Christ, regardless of Christian affiliation. We want to take steps to help bring healing to the church and awakening to our city.  We also seek to be a leader in our city who embraces all people from all nations and all backgrounds who live and work in our community.

WORSHIP  (Psalms 100:4 & 144:9)

At Sandy Springs Community Church, we seek to provide an environment where people can corporately express worship – in many different ways.  Worship is about the relationship between God and his children, and we desire to communicate that worship is both individual and corporate.  We acknowledge the God-created power of the Arts to bring people into God’s presence and communicate His truth.  We believe the Church should use its time, talents and treasure to their fullest to reach and minister to the community around them.

IMPACT (Matthew 28: 18-20)

We believe that God is active in our world and He wants to live through His people.  Jesus cared about people who didn’t know Him as well as those who did.  At Sandy Springs Community Church, we want to see what God is doing in our community and world, step into it and serve the needs of the “least of these.”

LIFE (2 Corinthians 5:17, 21)

Simply put, the GraceLife is experiencing the saving life of Christ. When a person becomes a Christian, they become a new creation.  No longer do they have to be a slave to sin!  We first want to help each person that comes in contact with Sandy Springs Community Church to receive the exchanged life through faith in Christ.  We then want to help them mature in their understanding of this crucial aspect of their core identity.